Custom Gift Basket Containers
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Custom Gift Basket Containers

Sometimes, a "traditional" gift basket just won't do.  Whether its because you want more control over the contents of the gift basket, or you don't think he'd appreciate a wicker basket with frilly bows on it, or maybe you just want to personally select every component of the gift basket to give it that special touch...we completely "get it".  So, we are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Alpha Gift Company to offer you Custom Gift Baskets that you can create specifically for your recipient.  These Exclusive Items are available ONLY at and we think they will help make your gift giving for that hard-to-shop-for man, a breeze.

We have 5 different containers designed to accomodate varying amounts and types of products into them and look good doing it.  These containers range in size, style and we are sure that there is one that is perfect for you.

Munch Box
- The easiest way to describe the Munch Box is that it is like the adult version of the Happy Meal®...only bigger, less cartoony, and full of manlier things.  Each Munch Box has been branded, by hand, with the Alpha Gift Co. logo on it.  This is a minimalistic container that isn't overly flashy while making a clean and fun presentation.  The Munch Box is designed for small to medium sized gift selections.

Old Fashioned Burlap Bag
- The name says it all, this bag has an old fashioned look and feel to it...perfect for the man who appreciates things that really are still made like they used to be.  These burlap bags are hand cut and sewn here in the good Ol' U.S. of A to our specs and then branded with an honest-to-goodness branding iron bearing the Alpha Gift Co. logo.  At about 12" x 15", the Old Fashioned Burlap Bag has a classic presentation and has been designed for small to medium sized gift selections.

Executive Gift Box
- This gift box has a timeless, classy look to it that is sure to please any professional or sophisticated man.  The box is a high-gloss, black finish and the lid has been dressed up with a CNC machined piece of birch plywood with the Alpha Gift Co. logo branded on it.  The lid is then hand-wrapped and tied onto the box with a texture-rich twine that ties the whole look together, pun intended.  The Executive Gift Box has been designed for medium sized gift selections.

Corrugated Crate
- The Corrugated Crate is a more urban, industrial take on our Flagship container, the Dovetailed Birch Crate.  The Corrugated Crate has a rugged, raw look and feel to it and has been designed intentionally with no frills and no bells or whistles.  It is a heavy-duty container that should be re-used around the house or office and has a removable lid for easy repurposing.  The Corrugated Crate has been designed for large sized gift selections.

The Dovetailed Birch Crate
- This is the container that the Alpha Gift Co. was founded on.  Designed, manufactured and assembled locally, the Dovetailed Birch Crate is a gift in itself.  Unlike traditional gift baskets, this container is a functional piece of furniture or decor that has both utility and style.  The dovetailed joints gives the box aesthetic interest that any craftsman will appreciate and will be something any man wouldn't have a problem displaying in their domain.  We have seen some pretty creative uses of this crate that not only made it very useful but also looked very cool in the space it was used in!  We have seen these things used as many things from vinyl record storage to shelving...even an end table, they added legs and everything!  (Send us your photos of how this box is used!)  This truly is a gift in itself.  The Dovetailed Birch Crate has been designed for large sized gift selections.

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